Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Principle Centered Processes

Part of my thinking revolves around the challenges of implementing processes that subscribes to international standards or regulatory bodies. Whether organizations can successfully abide by all the protocols and tomes of documentation required.

Then it struck me that a lot of these rules and regulations are NOT built for change. (The bulk of the griping have already been covered in the dark arts of management) So we’re going to answer the question of HOW organizations can excel in achieving all these process standards as well as ensuring that we will not be RULED by the rules.

To do that, organizations require – Principle Centered Processes. Without which, we would be doing nothing more than APPROVING deviations.

What are Principle Centred Processes? These are processes put in place NOT for CYA’ing
(CYA = Cover Your Ass), but rather for:-
  1. The customer’s benefit (speed! And quality of service)
  2. The organization’s benefit (reduce the amount of process systems to support the system!)
  3. The system’s benefit (to maintain up time – change management)
  4. The staff’s benefit – to reduce the amount of painstaking work required.
If CYA is the primary principle at play within your organization, I’d highly recommend that you detract getting certified. Save yourself the investment and instead put it on leadership training or hiring better people to run your business.

Strategy+Business from Booz&Co has a good article on bureaucracy titled: Getting a Return on Judgment. Do read

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